What is PANDAS in Autism?

PANDAS is short for Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders. This is very common in children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How do I know if my child has PANDAS?

The symptoms almost overlap with that of Autism Spectrum Disorder, however, this can be a sudden onset after an infection.

Symptoms of PANDAS

Usually, the symptoms are without warning and could change your child’s behavior unexpectedly. Compulsive behavior, obsession with a certain object or toys is very common. On the other extreme, your child can become very attached to you and any separation could trigger unusual anxiety.

It becomes almost impossible to distinguish between the ASD and PANDAS symptoms. Either way, you could be right about the sudden change in your child’s behavior.

Bacterial Stresses in PANDAS

Bacterial stress is a fundamental trigger in PANDAS, especially streptococcus and Borrelia strands. Most professionals consider just the strep and disregard Borrelia completely. These pathogens are elusive and can hide from the immune cells. They are very smart and can be in the body for years if left untreated.

Non-Invasive approach to bacterial stresses

Your child could regress with strong antibiotic intervention, however a milder approach is more rewarding and easier on your child in eliminating the pathogens. Consider natural herbs and less invasive methods over a period of time, these could take months and will subside over a period of time.

In conclusion

By reducing the bacterial stresses through mild elimination techniques, you can have great success in overcoming PANDAS. Be patient, as this will be a testing point for you as a parent. Patience pays off at the end.

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