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The meaning of Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is how I define Autism Spectrum Disorder: Something is not right with my child, his behavior is different from other kids of their age. They are slow in cognitive, learning, speech: a little over energetic or hyperactive. Most often you will suspect around 18 months and your gut feeling is always right.

Firstly, do not be afraid

The ‘A‘ word is the most feared by any parent when they first suspect and start searching Google. Depending on your culture, each parent reacts differently. The ones who are bold enough to seek help see much progress and most often their child can overcome autism in early intervention therapies.

It’s true, that our child’s brain is affected and hence all the symptoms that are related to it, however, most of us fail to understand that it stems from the gut, which is the root cause. What affects their gut, affects their brain.

May seek doctors help to find if the child can hear and many costly scans and tests are done but most often its futile and many waste precious time running around these experts. Start by finding a Clinical Psychologist specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Wikipedia describes it as a Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Pay attention to these two words: 1. Development and 2. Disorder. If I may break it down… during a child’s developmental stage there seems to be some disorder (not in order). When you consider the word ‘order’; its a sequence of steps that are going wrong in a child.

So what are those sequences?

These are the symptoms that you may notice.

  1. Loss of eye contact
  2. Not responding when called or spoken to
  3. Plays along and does not play with siblings
  4. Constantly crying and tantrums
  5. Stacking up or Lining up toys
  6. Tippi toe walking
  7. Hand Flapping
  8. Spinning or rotating
  9. Non-Verbal

For a full list of symptoms, see Autism Spectrum Symptoms

Autism Symptoms

What should I do now?

By understanding the gut-brain connection in the Autism Spectrum Disorder, I can say conclusively that all symptoms stem from the gut as the child may have a compromised immune system. Certain proteins like Gluten, Gliadin, Lactose, Whey, Lactic Acid will trigger an immune reaction and in turn, affects the child’s behavior.

A hyperactive child will have certain pathogenic stresses which in turn triggers a change in their behavior. By cutting off sugar completely, which is the food for most fungus will slow down their growth and eventually reduces hyperactivity.

Food Intolerance Test for a child in ASD

By doing a blood test, you can clearly see the offending food or that are highly elevated. Removing these foods from the child’s diet will greatly improve their behaviors.

The Allergy Eliminating Technique is very effective as its a non-invasive pain-free way to desensitize the body of a particular allergen.

Learn how your child can Overcome Autism Spectrum Disorder by changes in Nutrition & Food. You can get this from Amazon:

Autism Spectrum Disorder - food intolerance

In Conclusion

Do not panic. Seek help first. Be patience.

We can help you understand Autism and its root cause including Heavy Metal Toxicity and Nutritional Deficiencies. Early intervention is the best way to treat an autistic child. So Act now and God Bless.

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