The Stress Induced Allergy: Understanding the Psychosomatic Connection

The Stress-induced Allergic and Its Reactions

Stress-induced allergies pose a significant challenge, acting as a trigger for various reactions like eczema, hives, asthma, hay fever, and even food allergies. These conditions, which are often linked to the immune system, can be individually worsened by stress. This complex interplay emphasizes the importance of managing stress alongside traditional treatments, creating a holistic approach to managing these conditions.

A radiant smile lit up her face, spreading warmth and positivity around her after overcoming the stress-induced allergy.

Last week, while interviewing candidates for a new position, I came across Julie, a young Filipino candidate. During the interview, I observed her neck becoming red and developing hives as she nervously stumbled through her answers. Her eyes dilated with evident fear, and as her anxiety increased, the hives on her neck grew redder and more inflamed. Recognizing her distress, I calmly asked her to relax, take a deep breath, and offered her a glass of water. She later confided that this was her first interview in Dubai, highlighting the potential for stress to induce allergic reactions like hives and exacerbate existing conditions like hay fever. This experience served as a reminder of the powerful link between stress and our physical well-being.

Witnessing the hives erupt on her skin during the interview solidified my understanding of how stress can induce allergy flare-ups. This is something that I always find in people whose eczemas are triggered when faced with prolonged issues: stress in marriage, a toxic work environment or financial crisis leaves them with exacerbated symptoms in their allergies.

The Tale of Rami: Stress Beyond the Skin

Rami is a regular 10 year boy who would get stomach pains everyday on weekday mornings at 5:30 am. He would cry holding his stomach saying it’s very painful. His father took Rami to several doctors to see the cause of his stomach pain. Much to his disappointment, every doctor would examine him and after colonoscopy, homoeopathy and natural treatments, no one could resolve his mysterious stomach pain that would come every weekday morning.

The young student is excited about going to school now that his stress-induced allergy and hay fever are gone.

Rami confessed that he hated French class and did not like his teacher as he would ask questions and poor Rami could not answer in front of the whole class was too embarrassed and felt humiliated. Out of this fear he would get his stomach pains in the morning. His father changed his school which did not have French subjects, and little Rami’s stomach pain vanished completely.

Can Stress Induce Allergies?

Exploring the Link Between Stress and Allergic Reactions (Hives, Hay Fever, Eczema & Asthma)

When we are stressed, either from work, personal life or financial difficulties, our body feels attacked, it can’t tell the difference between being physically attacked or an angry boss. The body’s response is  fight or flight when faced with stress. This triggers an immune’s response from the T-Cells to kick in action and release histamine which causes increased heart rate, breathing heavily, inability to focus and make decisions. Our first response is to run away from this environment.

This in turn causes our immune system responses with the effect of the histamine causing hives and itching. This can also mean sniffling. This is a stress induced allergy resulting in symptoms like hay fever, asthma and hives.

Unpacking the Mechanism: How Stress Triggers Allergies

Think of these T cells like immune system spies learning about the enemy (allergen). The spies recognize the enemy again and race to the “crime scene” (inflamed skin). The spies trigger an alarm (inflammation) with symptoms like redness and itching. The body makes histamine which causes our symptoms. Antihistamine suppresses the effect of histamine, but steroids suppress the whole immune system. This is not good in the long run as we will be prone to many infections and our body cannot fight it.

The immune system responds the same way to physical attack and stress caused from relationships, office environments, pathogenic infections and an anxious mind that is thinking over and over again thus making a mole into a mountain. The body sees it as a threat and responds with a reaction, this can cause itching, hives, stomach pains, headaches. Every person will have a different reaction, but the underlying cause is triggered by stress.

Food Sensitivities triggers the Immune System to Attack

Food sensitivities along with environmental sensitivities will add to the misery and will exacerbate the immune response. We seldom will know what we are reacting to as it is difficult to know the IgG delayed reactions, unlike the IgE reactions, which is an immediate reaction, the IgG reactions can take a day or more to manifest as symptoms.

Foods that help to boost the immune system for people with allergies may reduce symptoms triggered by stress.

Stress-Induced Allergies: Key Trigger Factors to Be Aware Of

  1. Emotional stressors
  2. Food Sensitivities 
  3. Environmental allergens
  4. Pets
  5. Pathogenic Infections
  6. Perfumes and air fresheners
  7. Heat and humidity
  8. Exercise
  9. Mould from AC ducting

It can be any one of these or a combination of the above that can trigger an allergic reaction. Knowing and understanding our triggers becomes the key factor in stress induced allergy.

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Bioresonance and Psychosomatic Analysis

Can you get Allergies from Stress?

Yes, stress can trigger an immune response similar to that caused by physical allergens, leading to symptoms like hives, sniffling, and even asthma.

How do you Calm an Allergy Anxiety?

NAET gate acupressure points that  calm the organs is similar to acupuncture but without the needles, it can be done by yourself at home to address both the psychological and physiological aspects of allergies.

Can Water flush out Histamine?

While staying hydrated is beneficial for overall health, it’s a misconception that water can ‘flush out’ histamine. However, hydration can support bodily functions, including the immune system’s response to allergens.

Can Stress cause Rashes?

Yes, stress can lead to rashes, such as hives and Eczema, by triggering the body’s immune response, which includes the release of histamine.

Regular exercise can help to reduce stress that triggers allergies and conditions like hay fever.

Understanding and mitigating stress through relaxation techniques, lifestyle adjustments, and medical interventions can significantly improve allergy symptoms. Furthermore, innovative approaches like Bioresonance offer promising avenues for identifying and addressing the root causes of stress-induced allergies. Recognizing and managing stress as a significant factor in allergic reactions not only enhances our well-being but also opens the door to more effective, personalized allergy management strategies.

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