About NAET Dubai

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. It was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, 40 years back in California in finding a natural cure for her son’s allergies and herself. It uses Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure and certain Chiropractic techniques, which are non-invasive and non-medical ways to balance the energy imbalances in the cellular level. It is healing beyond medicines.

Natural Autism Treatment and Healing Allergies

The common connection between Autism and Allergies is an ‘over-reactive’ immune system. This can be triggered by various food allergies, environmental factors, chemicals and fungus (Candida Overgrowth). Allergies are stored information within the mitochondria’s DNA structure. This is not a chemical reaction, rather an energetic pattern which can be reversed by altering the cellular imbalance. There are no medicines and no side-effects.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies include pollen, dust, cold /heat energy, which can trigger the Upper Respiratory System to react. Environmental allergens like chemicals, toxins, detergent, makeup and perfumes have similar effect. Know your allergies with NAET


Frequently Asked Question

One way to cure allergies is to completely avoid the foods that you are highly reactive to  for at least 6 years. For most people avoidance is difficult, especially when it’s your staple food. The key is to find your intolerances rather than allergies.

Allergies are an immediate response by the Immunoglobulin E or IgE antibodies. You don’t need a test to know your allergies, as soon as you are exposed to the food, your body starts to react within minutes, the symptoms are obvious.

Whereas Intolerances are a slow reaction by the Immunoglobulin G antibodies or IgG. It takes years for a person to figure this out. This is because the reaction may take a day or days to cause a symptom. Most often we don’t remember what we ate the previous day. A simple Food Intolerance Test will reveal your hidden allergies.

This is normally done in a lab by drawing blood. For those who don’t like needles, there is Bio-resonance, Kinesiology or MRT (Muscle Response Test) or the VEGA test. These are bio-energetic tests which use a DNA sample or simply your body’s energetic field to accurately identify your intolerances. A lot of labs around the world are beginning to use this method due to its convenience. 

NAET employs non-invasive and non-medical methods using the energetic information of the body. There are no side-effects to this healing method. Thousands of practitioners around the world use this method effectively to alleviate allergies and help children overcome Autism

NAET is an acronym for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Devi, who resides in California discovered 35 years back while trying to find a way to overcome her son’s allergies. She used a combination of techniques that are non-medical and non-invasive to alleviate allergic reaction.

NAET looks at the energy imbalances that are stored in the mitochondria’s DNA structure within the cell. By inverting the energetic pattern, one can cancel the stored information just as the noise cancelling headphones.

There are over 13,000 documented NAET practitioners worldwide wha are trained under the NAET protocol, however each practitioner has developed their own techniques and use them effectively worldwide. 

Yes, our practitioner is a NAET trained and certified. All NAET business are operated and owned independently. 

NAET is known in all the 50 states in the US, it’s also very popular in Europe and there are many NAET centres in Asia. Google yields over 1,500,000 search results. Try typing NAET in your Google search, you will be pleasantly surprised.

No. Since there is no medication (synthetic chemicals) and there is nothin that is put in the body, its non-invasive protocol does not have any side-effects. However, some of them may feel a bit tired after a session.

Certainly, most people find a NAET centre where they reside. NAET session can be continued when it was left from the pervious practitioner and the same can be done when you relocate to another location.

All practitioners will follow the core NAET protocol, however there may be variations depending on the practitioner.

None of the pervious sessions become void or ineffective when you take a break from NAET session. You can continue from where you left off. Its completely okay.

Since NAET is not a medical treatment, it’s not covered under any medical insurance even though some may have holistic and complimentary medicines covered under your insurance, most insurance company will not accept. 

These are the classic acupressure points that help secure the treatment into the body through the meridians. Rub (or massage with a massager) each point for 30 seconds.

These points can be used any time for general meridian balancing. It can also produce calming effect during an allergic reaction. In case of of a severe reaction, seek immediate medical help.

In most cases 2 sessions a week is sufficient, however it can be done in 24 hour interval too depending on the need.

NAET is an energy manipulation technique and will not interfere will medication. However, you  must follow your doctor’s advises on all prescribed medications.

Yes, it will not interfere with any other treatments. You can continue as per your doctor’s advise.

It all depends on age and how long you had a condition. In most cases it takes multiple office visits. It all depends from person to person. There is not set numbers, but your practitioner will be able to give you a rough indication.

Our intention is to help people in the land of UAE. Or charges are to cover the operating cost, we pass on the benefits to our clients. We also have people who cannot afford the Natural Autism Treatment care for their children due to low income, we support such families and we have kind-hearted clients in our center who volunteer to pay partial payment to the much needy.

We do not stop people from continuing the session when they lose jobs, we offer free service.


Energy is described as Chi by the Chines, Prana in the Vedas and life-energy in the English language. Scientifical its photon energy or biophotons that the body stores. If you understand pH (potential Hydrogen) – a unit to measure the conductance valve or the electric current in a living organism, you will understand bio-energy healing.

Energy healing is not a medical treatment but uses the bio-energetic information of the body to locate and eliminate stressors thus promoting healing.

Energy healing is commonly mistaken with religion, mysticism, and voodoo. Our work is evidence-based science. It uses a combination of techniques including Kinesiology, acupressure (not acupuncture) and muscle response test. It is a combination of age-old healing that was before modern medicine and cutting edge quantum physics.   

All your visits are by appointments only, this can be easily made by calling 04-420 1633 during working hours. Our staff will be happy to assist you in getting the earliest available dates. 

All sessions are billed after the session is done. You can make either cash, card or Apple pay payments in our Center. There will be no refund after the session is completed. We offer packages to clients after completing the basic 15.

Avoid chewing gums and coffee 2 hours before the session as it interferes with the session. Also, be hydrated well, do not be on an empty stomach. Avoid wearing strong perfumes too.