About NAET Dubai

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. It was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, 40 years back in California in finding a natural cure for her son’s allergies and herself. It uses Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure and certain Chiropractic techniques, which are non-invasive and non-medical ways to balance the energy imbalances in the cellular level. It is healing beyond medicines.

Healing Allergies and Autism

The common connection between Autism and Allergies is an ‘over-reactive’ immune system. This can be triggered by various food allergies, environmental factors, chemicals and fungus (Candida Overgrowth). Allergies are stored information within the mitochondria’s DNA structure. This is not a chemical reaction, rather an energetic pattern which can be reversed by altering the cellular imbalance. There are no medicines and no side-effects.




Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies include pollen, dust, cold /heat energy, which can trigger the Upper Respiratory System to react. Environmental allergens like chemicals, toxins, detergent, makeup and perfumes have similar effect. Know your allergies with NAET


Frequently Asked Question

One way to cure allergies is to completely avoid the foods that you are highly reactive to  for at least 6 years. For most people avoidance is difficult, especially when it’s your staple food. The key is to find your intolerances rather than allergies.

Allergies are an immediate response by the Immunoglobulin E or IgE antibodies. You don’t need a test to know your allergies, as soon as you are exposed to the food, your body starts to react within minutes, the symptoms are obvious.

Whereas Intolerances are a slow reaction by the Immunoglobulin G antibodies or IgG. It takes years for a person to figure this out. This is because the reaction may take a day or days to cause a symptom. Most often we don’t remember what we ate the previous day. A simple Food Intolerance Test will reveal your hidden allergies.

This is normally done in a lab by drawing blood. For those who don’t like needles, there is Bio-resonance, Kinesiology or MRT (Muscle Response Test) or the VEGA test. These are bio-energetic tests which use a DNA sample or simply your body’s energetic field to accurately identify your intolerances. A lot of labs around the world are beginning to use this method due to its convenience.

NAET employs non-invasive and non-medical methods using the energetic information of the body. There are no side-effects to this healing method. Thousands of practitioners around the world use this method effectively to alleviate allergies and help children overcome Autism