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An allergy is an over-reaction or hypersensitivity of the body’s immune system to a certain substance caused by the disturbance in the energy pathway in the Meridian system. Most often, it is inherited from our parents due to genetics. Finding your root cause and eliminating it stops the symptoms for good. Skin allergy Treatment – Natural and Self Healing Technique.

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Skin Allergy is mostly caused by the psychosomatic/psychological state of the person at the time of the first exposure to a compound. For example, if one is in a state of Stress, Irrational, or living in fear for one’s life at the time you are exposed to a substance; then the body can make excess antigens to a substance thereby triggering a reaction. Allergy has a strong mental component.


Allergy is an immediate reaction of the immune system when we consume certain foods. When allergic, a person is unable to properly assimilate, process, and excrete a substance. Often the offending substance is a protein, in the form of a food, that the body cannot break down into its most usable components. Many symptoms of what we call an allergy are the body’s attempt to get rid of the offending substance.

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An Intolerance is a slow reaction. Most people take years to figure out if they have an intolerance to certain food. Every person has a tolerance level to a certain food, for example, when we consume milk – our body may be able to tolerate it on that particular day, but as we start consuming it on a daily basis, soon it crosses the tolerance level and becomes an intolerance. This is most common in Skin Allergies in children as well as adults.

It can be triggered by milk (lactose intolerance), soy, eggs, chocolate, shellfish, citrus fruits, and nuts (especially peanuts). Similarly, intolerance to gluten – a protein molecule in grain that gives it an elastic texture, which is present in large amounts in wheat, rye, barley, oats, and Spelt can cause many complications. Some of the root cause in eczema and skin rashes are attributed to the above two protein.

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Allergy affects the weakest organ system in the body. With a weak immune system, allergies and intolerances can affect the digestive system, respiratory system, dermal system or neural system. It takes many years with an intolerance to break out into symptoms in these areas. Finding the root cause and eliminating it is the key to overcoming allergies and food sensitivities.


Mothers milk helps build our immune system – a child with a compromised immune system can react to the proteins found in the milk, like Whey, Lactose, Casein, and Lactic Acid which is most often a primary cause for skin allergies. This can cause your child to itch severely, and constant itching can lead to a dry, thick and leathery skin texture that often breaks out into hives. One way to find out if your child has Lactose or Casein intolerance is by avoiding Mothers milk, Cows milk or Camel, Goats milk for a few weeks. Alternatively, you could also try plant-based milk like Almond milk, Rice milk, Soya milk etc. An IgE test can reveal sensitivities to milk and basic food. This information makes it easy to understand the food that triggers your child’s Eczema.


Allergies' association with pain has been a mystery to most of us. Exposure to various Environmental / Food and Pathogenic stress correlates to chronic pain. Emotional factors also play a vital part in pain, simply put - Pain is the cry of the connective tissue. Pain also stems from an under-active thyroid or Hypothyroidism. Find the root cause of your pain with NAET.


It is often categorised with dry skin, which is most often itchy and becomes leathery after prolonged itching. It can appear anywhere in the body, but most often start in the folds of the skin - like the back of elbow or knees. It is triggered by food, chemical, and environmental sensitivities. Emotions and stress have proven to be a trigger with most people.


Symptoms can vary from stomach cramps, loose stools, constipation, excessive wind, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance and its like. Food intolerance tends to be the main culprit in most cases and it takes 2-7 days for symptoms to arise out of food sensitivities. A Food intolerance test is the first step in finding the root cause of the symptoms.


Asthma triggers are likely to be dust, mold, pollen, cold, smoke and chemicals. Food intolerance too has a big role to play in chronic conditions. The Emotional component quite often can manifest as symptoms as well.


Hay Fever, also known as Allergic Rhinitis is common with European descent. It is mostly caused by Environmental factors that weaken the immune system. People with Rhinitis will also react to cats and dogs. The Shamal winds in the Middle East are the common triggers in the UAE.


Animal dander, mostly dogs and cats can cause a severe allergic reaction. Dog or cat hair, saliva or the urine itself can be the triggers. People with severe reaction cannot enter a house with pets or even be around people who have pets. Some people desire to own a pet but their allergic reactions prevent them from having one.


Most children in the Autism spectrum have various food sensitivities, this can affect their behaviour, learning ability, social skill, cognitive skill, and speech. By eliminating milk products, gluten, and sugar from their diet, a child will show a tremendous change.


House dust, Hay Dust, Dust Mites and Pollen are the common triggers that can affect the upper respiratory system. When exposed to an allergen, (for example Dust) the trachea will prevent the allergen by triggering the Mast cells to secrete histamine. It's the effect of the histamine that gives us symptoms.


Genetics plays a vital role in every individual's life, as we acquire most of our traits from our parents' including our allergies quite often; that of Lactose and gluten sensitivities as well. We inherit 40% of the genes from our parents.
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Dana Fairhurst
Dana Fairhurst
12:46 02 Feb 20
Tom and Sarita changed our son’s life. At 15 months we decided to do an allergy and food intolerance test for him... after he was failing to gain weight and was struggling with gastro issues. Doctors offered no real advice or plan to help him so we had to seek alternative routes. The test showed he had mild to severe intolerances to a very long list of foods as well as a confirmed cow’s milk allergy. With such a restricted diet and his already slow growth we became very stressed and worried about his overall health, until we met Tom and Sarita and started him with the Naet treatment. The sessions were fairly smooth sailing as he just had to sit (or often sleep) on the mat for 15 minutes. Before long he was showing improvements in speech and he began walking, and within a few month we began slowly introducing foods on the no-go list which he didn’t seem to have any reaction to. The most notable one of all was the cow’s milk, which previously he would break into spots all over. Now he was drinking full fat milk with absolutely no reaction, skin or gut. It’s been 6 months since he started Naet and he now eats everything. He no longer struggles with gas, his skin is clear and smooth, he is gaining weight and his development is incredible. My husband and I cannot thank Tom and Sarita enough. They are both so kind and compassionate and they are so knowledgable. I highly recommend this to everyone!read more
Adithya Iyer
Adithya Iyer
05:41 07 Sep 19
The past year was pretty rough for me. I suffered from severe migraine and other health issues. NAET helped me a lot by... eliminating most if my allergies. During my vacation this year, I noticed how well my immunity levels had risen as a result of their treatment. I'm very happy with their approach to non-allopathic treatments and will definitely recommended you visit them!read more
Riaz Ahmed
Riaz Ahmed
10:04 23 May 19
My son who is ADHD is under NAET treatment for some time now, I found the treatment is very effective especially for... the food intolerance. Earlier he used to have issues with many food categories which is now almost nil. We are very happy the treatment we are getting even though there is long way to go. Appreciate each and every one related to NAET for the kindness they have shown towards my more
Pavan Mulanni
Pavan Mulanni
07:27 18 May 19
My daughter had heavy eczema a year and a half ago. We tried everything and finally ended up at NAET Dubai. Dr Sarita... has been pivotal in helping our daughter cure her eczema. It's been an intense but amazing journey and if you or any of your loved ones have Eczema, I strongly suggest you visit this more
Christina Biju
Christina Biju
08:56 12 May 19
Our son has been having allergy issues since childhood and has been on constant use of steroid creams. We were lucky... to have him visit NAET Dubai. He was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and allergies to few food groups. He has been cured from these and now he is very happy. Tom and Dr. Sarita have taken him through the sessions with lot of care and commitment. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to them. The ambience is great and the staff are excellent. They followup regularly with their patients. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to NAET. Thank youread more
geeta ramakrishnan
geeta ramakrishnan
08:47 04 May 19
I visited NEAT for my food intolerance issues and found the treatment effective with a good attention to details while... offering a friendly atmosphere. NAET, being non invasive works well on children, as I understand. Wishing Dr.Sarita and Tom all the very best😀read more
Aruna aruna
Aruna aruna
06:27 04 May 19
It is a homely atmosphere with Altruistic approach were u feel you are very much cared and being part of the family.... When we went first time we did not have any hope about NAET treatment. My son is in this treatment for autism and hyperactivity almost nearly two years, he had lot of allergies and wheezing now everything is gone. His understanding level has improved a lot. He had once viral fever and in one treatment he was completely relieved from those symptoms. Recently he had candida infection with very bad skin irritation and hyperactivity some sort of irritable behaviors with one session of treatment his skin rashes and irritation completely went away. Am sure at the end of the treatment he will be out if all autistic symptoms too. He has very bad black stains in his teeth with their expert ideas even those went away gradually. May the lord bless all your sincere efforts and make you a great blessing to all such kids. “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on encouraging and by trying when there seemed to be no hope at all… NAET wellness center is a place where it gives you hope to your kids where there seemed to be no hope at all for their future!!!”read more
Julio Aquino
Julio Aquino
03:41 02 May 19
I took my son to NAET for a treatment and left that building with many friends - with the treatment done of course!... 🙂 My son loved his appointments and couldn’t wait to be there again. I thank all the team there, Sarita, Tom, Lovelle and every person there supporting and ensuring such a welcoming environment. Do not hesitate to pay a visit and check by more
anand krishnan
anand krishnan
11:05 29 Apr 19
I had a pretty good experience of getting treated at NAET and specifically by Dr. Tom. A few sessions to get rid of my... allergic was indeed painless and quick from my perspective. Have been free of allergic reactions from certain foods now for two months since I was treated. Worth a try and more
Jacqueline Craft
Jacqueline Craft
13:28 27 Apr 19
I was recommended NAET to help clear my thyroid disorder. After over 10 years on medication I am now off medicines... thanks to Dr Sarita! Everyone is very kind and helpful. Couldn't recommend it more
Alfred Farid
Alfred Farid
13:33 06 Aug 18
The staff at Naet are awesome, very friendly and will to go the extra mile to help. I should have visited Tom earlier,... would have definitely saved me a lot of money. I did it for the experience and found I have an issue which the team is working on to more
Lyl Formoso
Lyl Formoso
14:11 29 Jul 18
So glad we chose to go with Naet over a dermatology clinic for the treatment of my daughter’s acne problem. And so... far we have seen significant results in her condition as Naet was able to properly identify her allergens. Long way to go I know but loving the results! Highly recommend their services!read more
Usma Sheikh
Usma Sheikh
14:44 19 Jun 18
Naet by far is the best non medical treatment for allergies. My baby suffered with multiple allergies and as the... treatment progressed he became allergy free, stronger and happier. The care here is phenomenal and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Dr Sarita and Tom are such wonderful people. They always listened and answered all our questions patiently. They took good care of us. Thank more
Sunandha Karthik
Sunandha Karthik
15:15 03 Apr 18
Really happy with the experience at NAET. Both Sarita and Tom are really caring and the treatment they provided has... helped completely heal the allergies both my children were having. Hats off to you guys!! I went in with much apprehension and came out more
Mariyah Araf
Mariyah Araf
07:41 18 Feb 18
I would like to say that I am now a big believer of alternative therapy after attending NAET THERAPY. It has helped me... greatly to over come my numerous allergies from food to cleaning chemicals. I have suffered from eczema for many years and I never thought I would see the day where it would end. Not only that I was feeling very drained. Constantly tired even when I have had enough sleep to the point I struggled in the morning to get out of bed. It was as if I have brain fog, I couldn't think clearly and was always forgetting what I'm saying mid conversation etc. After testing me we discovered why and treated the problem. If it wasn't for the amazing practitioners (Dr Tom & Dr Sarita) at the clinic I would still be in that same state. But thanks to them that is now in my past. NAET treats many health conditions such as migraines, infections and even helps with many symptoms of autism. I highly recommend it. 😊read more
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