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Everything you need to know about Autism

Sharing everything we know on how our son overcame Autism. From the first symptoms through every struggle as a parent and coming out victorious. There is hope with every child in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Start by believing he/she is going to overcome it, that is the beginning of your victory.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is the first question every parent seeks an answer to. I’m not going to give you the Wikipedia definition nor the WebMD, but one from a parents’ perspective. When you Google ‘Autism‘ for the first time, its always a nerve-racking experience, however sooner or later we begin to come to grips with it.

This is how I define Autism: 

Something is not right with my child, his/her behaviour is different from the other kids of their age. They are slow in cognitive, social interaction, learning, speech: a little over energetic or hyperactive. Most often you will suspect it around 18 months and your gut feeling will be right. 

There is HOPE for every child in Autism

Meaningful explanation of Autism from a Parent

A simple explanation to understand the meaning of  ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’

When a child has a compromised immune system due to various reasons from genetic to environmental stresses, a child may develop food intolerances and sensitivities to many foods including Gluten, Lactose, Sugars. The immune system will attack the weakest organ system, in this case, it’s your child CNS (Central Nervous System) when this happens, your child can be impaired in their ability to speak, social skill, cognitive skill, learning disabilities, loss of eye contact. The symptoms may vary from child to child. 

Not only does the immune system overreact to foods, but they also react to heavy metal toxicity, pathogenic overload and have mineral & nutrient deficiencies.  When this happens, a child can regress within days or weeks. Trust your instincts and seek help as soon as possible. Most children overcome autism when detected and treated early. So act soon!

Autism Facts in the UAE

Autism Facts UAE

1 child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes in the UAE

By the time you leave this page, a child is diagnosed with Autism, that’s 3 children every hour and 36 children everyday. The question is ‘how may out there are undiagnosed‘?

1 out of every 110 children are autistic in the UAE

boys are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed than girls