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I had a pretty good experience of getting treated at the Wellness Center and specifically by Tom. A few sessions to get rid of my allergic reactions… it was indeed painless and quick from my perspective. Have been free of allergic reactions from certain foods now for two months since I was treated. Worth a try and visit.


Anand Krishnan

Have been coming to the Wellness Centre for a very long time now and it is the best place to help treat many things, addiction, stress, acne, pain, etc very reliable and safe. Tom and Sarita are very good and professional.


Saransh Raina


Tom is a very knowledgeable guy and helped a lot to lower my allergy he is very patient and helps you to overcome all your worries my experience was excellent and I advise all people struggling with allergies to visit the NAET and give it a chance


Rania koleilat

I found the Wellness Centre through a google search back in August 2017. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff is awesome and welcoming. I had a total of 9 sessions so far and overall I am very happy and satisfied. I have greatly reduced my harsh medication dependency/ dosage frequency and I certainly feel better compared to when I started. They have innovative ways of supporting their client’s wellness using state of art equipment based on real proven science. It was worth every single dirham I paid.



We went to Wellness Centre in Dubai because my son had a severe peanut allergy. Now he is free of that allergy, we couldn’t believe it but it is true!!

Tom and Sarita are really amazing people they are really professional, passionate, and love what they do. They also help other friends to stop smoking and solved other serious long-term physical/ psychological issues they had.
I have no words to explain how thankful we are to Tom and Sarita.


Yuri Zucca, Spain

I have been suffering from food allergies for more than 10 years and had to have a very restricted diet! I found that the more foods I restricted myself from eating – the more sensitive I got. I was getting nutritionally deficient and I wasn’t absorbing vital minerals and vitamins from the food I was consuming, as a result, my energy and health were deteriorating.

After working with the wonderful practitioners Sarita and Tom at the Wellness Centre, I am now able to enjoy and include almost all foods in my diet! I am healthier and have more energy and feel normal again! It has been life-changing for me! I recommend Naet Dubai highly!!


Ash L

It was a wonderful experience in NAET. My son Aditya was suffering from asthma & eczema for the last 7 years. His routine life was badly affected due to frequent triggers. NAET came as a ray of hope to us. The practitioners & the staff are very caretaking. Now Aditya is living a much better & healthier life. Thank you NAET.


Shashidhar Prabhu, Father

It was only after treatment from NAET could I see marked development in my kid’s health both psychologically and systemically. He started uttering a few words in appropriate instances. His prognosis for IBS is also marked. The practitioner’s guide to psychologically approach your kid is really helpful to the parents… and the view of parents towards the kids is totally from a different angle to which the kids really look up. Surprisingly the practitioners know much more about the kid’s mental attitude than the parents… great help… A big thumbs up👍


Sivagami Alagappan

We have been taking our son for NAET sessions for more than one year and I must say that he has improved a lot. The doctor here is highly qualified and very knowledgeable… The entire staff is very friendly and caring. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an effective treatment for allergies, ADHD, and autism.


Nadia Zafar, mother

Really happy with the experience at NAET. Both Sarita and Tom are really caring and the treatment they provided has helped completely heal the allergies both my children were having. Hats off to you guys!! I went in with much apprehension and came out overjoyed.


Sunandha Karthik

The staff at Naet are awesome, very friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to help. I should have visited Tom earlier, would have definitely saved me a lot of money.

I did it for the experience and found I have an issue that the team is working on addressing.


Alfred Farid

So glad we chose to go with Naet over a dermatology clinic for the treatment of my daughter’s acne problem. And so far we have seen significant results in her condition as Naet was able to properly identify her allergens. Long way to go I know but loving the results! Highly recommend their services!


Lyl Formoso

I was recommended NAET to help clear my thyroid disorder. After over 10 years on medication, I am now off medicines thanks to Sarita! Everyone is very kind and helpful. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Jacqueline Craft

I was diagnosed with Celiac by one the best Gastroenterologists in India as I went through intensive tests to come to this conclusion, resulting in me leaving All breads forever and anything which has gluten in it. Being a North Indian hardcore foodie and not being able to eat bread was very upsetting and felt as if my life had stopped. All the family and friends could eat whatever and whenever they liked be it at home, outdoors or at any party, I’m just looking at them and couldn’t eat anything. This went on for good three years when finally my friend suggested visiting NAET and from there in my life changed for better.

NAET was recommended by one of my friends from Banglore and listening to his claim of his being able to eat Ice creams, drink milk was believable to me. In fact, he went on the day that I would not stop thanking him after I take NAET treat.

With a lot of hesitation and doubts, I approached NAET DUBAI Sarita. Where I met Dr. Her self and her husband Tom who not only listened to me patiently and answered all my questions but clarified all my doubts for a good n half-hour-long session for no payment and commitment on the first day.

Finally, when I started my sessions with NAET DUBAI I would squeeze out more and more time from TOM while waiting or after my sessions on a healthy lifestyle. During the sessions, I doubted and never believed I was being treated or cured as there is no medication, no interjection just a few gentle taps, and off you go. Unbelievable isn’t it? This is exactly how I believed at that time.
After my sessions when I taste the first bite of Bread (Chapati), it was like heaven and something magical must’ve happened as there were no troubling symptoms after consuming gluten. Then I kept increasing my gluten intake gradually. By the grace of GOD and Sarita, I still eat bread with no problem. I can’t thank you enough for this grace. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Now I’m a little cautious about the amount of bread I eat now as it is not a very healthy food for the human body. But I can confidently say that whenever I eat breads there is no discomfort or problem.

NAET Claims they can cure all allergies for life, YES I repeat CURE all allergies for good is not a joke and I’m forced to believe that as I’m experiencing that. My logical mind, modern medical science tells me there is no cure for celiac. But eating breads and gluten frequently in moderate quantities with no problem is a living testimony of the same.

I must come and see you both Sarita and Tom and of course my friend Juda. He must have grown bigger now and I hope he remembers me. Thanks a lot once again.

Vikas Sareen

It is a homely atmosphere with an Altruistic approach where u feel you are very much cared for and are part of the family. When we went the first time we did not have any hope about NAET treatment.

My son is in this treatment for autism and hyperactivity for almost nearly two years, he had a lot of allergies and wheezing now everything is gone. His understanding level has improved a lot. He had once viral fever and in one treatment he was completely relieved from those symptoms. Recently he had candida infection with very bad skin irritation and hyperactivity some sort of irritable behaviors with one session of treatment his skin rashes and irritation completely went away. Am sure at the end of the treatment he will be out of all autistic symptoms too. He has very bad black stains on his teeth with their expert ideas even those went away gradually. May the Lord bless all your sincere efforts and make you a great blessing to all such kids.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on encouraging and by trying when there seemed to be no hope at all… NAET wellness center is a place where it gives you hope to your kids where there seemed to be no hope at all for their future!!!”


Aruna Aruna

I visited the Wellness Centre for my food intolerance issues and found the treatment effective with good attention to detail while offering a friendly atmosphere. NAET, being non-invasive works well on children, as I understand. Wishing Dr. Sarita and Tom all the very best 😀


Geeta Ramakrishnan

My daughter had heavy eczema a year and a half ago. We tried everything and finally ended up at NAET Dubai. Sarita has been pivotal in helping our daughter cure her eczema. It’s been an intense but amazing journey and if you or any of your loved ones have Eczema, I strongly suggest you visit this place.


Pavan Mulani, father

My son who is ADHD is under NAET sessions for some time now, I found the treatment is very effective, especially for food intolerance. Earlier he used to have issues with many food categories which are now almost nil. We are very happy with the treatment we are getting even though there is a long way to go. Appreciate each and every one related to NAET for the kindness they have shown toward my son.


Riaz Ahmed, father

My son had severe eczema ever since I started weaning. He was allergic and intolerant to almost all kinds of food and anaphylactic to milk. He would break out into hives whenever I gave him anything to eat except rice, chicken, and lady finger. I was told by doctors that allergies can only be controlled and not cured. I thought my son would never be able to lead a normal life and eat like others. I then read about NAET and decided to give it a try. Dr. Sarita and Tom have been very empathetic to our concerns and they are like family to us, accessible and willing to help in all ways. I have started reintroducing foods one by one to his diet without any reaction now. I am so thankful to the Almighty that I found NAET. There is a cure for every disease! Have faith and go for it!


Ayisha Razana

I visited Naet since I had a skin allergy that was troubling me a lot and it was very uncomfortable to go out socially. Sarita took personal care of my condition and I was treated for many allergies in no time especially my heat allergy.
The non-invasive treatment is one of the best if you can be patient, but the cure is for certain.


Sunaina Dhir

I’m a big fan of NAET’s full-body scan. It felt so accurate in identifying past/current health realities and helped me be more aware of what my body needs. I love Tom’s approach to explaining everything. I highly recommend it.


Michele Wong

I would really recommend this place to everyone… Tom & Sarita are amazing. The staff is soo friendly and welcoming. My skin condition is so much better and I feel so good. Words are not sufficient to describe how thankful I am to NAET. Thank you for the best result I could ever get out of any treatments so far.


Ishrath Mohammed

I am now a complete fan of NAET Dubai. Between Tom and Sarita, they solved my thyroid, food intolerances, and some other issues as well that I was facing, almost miraculously! And the full body scan also gave me an insight into what to watch out for and take preventative steps now. They are now my go-to for any issues that may come up. Thank you! 🙏


Seema Shetty

My daughters and I went to NAET for the 1st time with various issues including food allergies, anxiety, PMS, and other complaints. Our lives have been transformed thanks to this highly effective alternative healing method not to mention the care and attention of the NAET JLT team. After 3 months of therapy, I can safely recommend this method as well as these specialists to anyone suffering from chronic physical and mental health issues.


Maryam Rahman

NAET absolutely gave me my quality of life back and helped me figure out what was causing all my issues. I’ve struggled with food allergies my entire life and always felt less confident in my ability to live life like others until I met Sarita, Tom, and the entire NAET team! They uncovered so many truths about what was causing my discomfort and hindering happiness totally healing my mind, body, and soul! I’ve never been happier and can eat anything I like and experience everything I want to. I’ll never forget this gift and have made friends for life!


Christina Mandody

I had an excellent time at NAET I found improvement in my Skin I made wonderful friends at NAET thanks a lot to Dr. Sarita, Dr. Thomas, Elisa, and Praise.

From Bareerah

It was a blessing for us from Allah that we found NAET in UAE an alternative healing center/technique which showed great improvement in the treatment of my daughter’s Eczema, food, and other environmental material allergies.

In the beginning, we were skeptical as to the efficacy and method of the treatment, plus the cost per session of each session was heavy on our pocket for us but Alhamdulillah it was worth it and I can testify that I saw my daughter improve significantly to the point that she is now almost completely cured of her skin condition.

The heavy rashes she previously had before the treatment, seeping with blood, plasma, and pus have all disappeared. It was hard on my daughter especially for the first 3 – 4 months when she had to avoid many food items / follow a very restricted diet – to isolate her allergies (especially for a child who is an avid goody) but once the foods started to be introduced it was really a happy moment for all of us.

All the credit goes to the staff doctors and assistants at NAET who are real professionals, very hospitable and friendly, and care for their patients like family, and take the time out to assist, guide you, and answer all your questions concerns, and queries with patience and good spirit.

Prior to NAET we had tried allopathy steroid creams and homeopathy, but the results were not promising or long-lasting, we saw better results with NAET treatment and hope and pray to Allah that the pleasant change lasts for life. All the best for the future for the NAET team will definitely recommend parents of children with chronic allergy conditions

Haroon – Bareerah Abu

I saw a great improvement in my 4-year-old eczema patches and food sensitivities. Dr. Sarita and Tom take their time in the process and they’re very diligent in their approach. They make you feel like family, and they’re genuinely concerned for every patient. I’m very grateful to them.


Noor Omran, mother

At first, I wasn’t convinced when my colleagues told me. But then I did a little bit of research and understood it is a non-invasive procedure. The quit-smoking session was actually for my husband who was a heavy smoker. It was a miracle that he stopped immediately after the first session. The second session was detoxifying the remaining nicotine from the body. I strongly recommend this procedure and NAET Dubai who wants to quit smoking for a better and healthier lifestyle.


Ayshathul Haliya

I was extremely happy with the service offered by the staff at NAET Wellness Center. I was skeptical about using alternative treatment but guess what? It was a very good decision. I found out things that I didn’t know about myself and this new information allowed me to take better care of my health.

I had two severe allergic reactions in the past year and my doctor recommended that I see an allergist. Fortunately, I was visiting Dubai and I googled and found this place. I was experiencing pain in my side for a while back and thought it was associated with my ovulation but little did I know that my Fallopian tube was infected.

I did only 7 out of the 11 sessions recommended; however, I started seeing positive results early in the treatment process. I’m happy that I’m no longer feeling the pain and this was done without taking in any medicine/chemicals. I’m grateful, I went in for one thing and found out a lot.

All the staff members were really friendly and caring.
The office was always clean and quiet.
I will definitely do a follow-up if I should return to Dubai.


La’Toya Jackson-Morgan

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