Food Intolerances Can Make You Overweight!

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47.5% of UAE residents overweight, with a BMI of between 25 and 30, while another 13 percent are obese, survey shows.

Almost every second person in the UAE is overweight. 
lactose intolerance

How did we get here from a healthy society?

In the early 70s, the residents mainly depended on imports from Asia and the Middle East; the western influence on the diet did not have many repercussions in our daily life.

However, the dawn of the 21st century ushered in a massive influx of resident population which brought about more western foods and wealth. This shift changed our eating habits.


I bought shawarma for 4 dirhams.

We all remember the days of walking down Al Diyafa street with shawarma in one hand and chai in another; that’s our dinner on most weekdays, but now we have Zomato and Talabat at our fingertips, ordering food is a breeze. We are inundated with choices.

Becoming intolerant to foods

There are a few who are born with intolerance, don’t believe me? Ask your mother. When you were a baby, when she was breastfeeding you – were you colic? Stomach pain, throwing up after feeds or always crying. This is the first sign of Lactose Intolerance. Many of our parents ignored this as we did not have much knowledge of food intolerances.

We can become intolerant to any food along the way as there is no explanation or as I ascribe mostly to genetically modified foods and our foods’ industrialization.

What foods can make you overweight?

Can eating grains make me overweight?

Does sugar in fruits make me overweight?

Can foods that contain Lectin make me overweight?

Will adenovirus 32 make me overweight?

There are no legal standards to natural foods that are grown naturally. When we start toying around with raw foods, we need to set standards to how much we can adulterate living foods. This is a shock to our immune system.

adulterated food

Our Immune system is over-reactive

As a result of an overactive immune system, we begin to experience intolerances to essential foods such as grains, dairy, meat, and vegetables. That’s almost all our food that we have daily, so what’s the point?

Intolerances make us overweight.

Now you get the connection. This is a no-brainer. 

Three enemies of weight gain.

Food happens to be one of the factors of weight gain, but wait, there are two more: hormones and a mysterious virus called Adenovirus 36. Almost 32% of the population have this virus, but there is not much study that has been done on this subject. This is another blog itself.

weight gain

Can I be intolerant to basic foods?

The simple answer is yes! This could be the very reason why despite eating healthy, you are struggling to shed those extra pounds. You could be gluten-free, lactose-free but still manage to pack some extra fat around your waist, arms, and your bottom.

Have you heard of Kinesiology? This is a non-invasive method of finding your intolerances, apart from Bioresonance. The other is an ImmunoGlobulin G Food Intolerance test, don’t get confused with an allergy test. This is entirely different.

Diet has a deadline and needs constant motivation.

Most diets fail as we lack constant motivation; besides, we set the bar too high. Losing weight is not a mission, it’s a byproduct of a well-informed food choice.

diet deadline

What foods can make me intolerant?

Everyday foods like rice, wheat, dairy, veggies & fruits, and meat can make us intolerant and overweight. You can eat every 2 hours when you are hungry, but you should also stop eating when you’re full.

everyday foods

The concept of conditioned eating like breakfast, lunch, and dinner does not help our body. Our metabolism works differently with each person, so a general diet will certainly not help. The key is knowing what food is acceptable for my immune response.

In conclusion, how do I start?

What we eat is what we are. Knowing your food intolerances is priceless.

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