86.3% fail to recognise the trigger factors in Eczema

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Natural Eczema Treatment, why it works

An over-reactive immune system will attack the weakest organ system, in this case, it’s the skin. Finding the underlying cause is the key to eliminating the root cause of Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Rashes and promote Natural Eczema Cure

Food and environments stressors overwhelm the immune system thus triggering histamine. Anti-histamine only suppresses the symptoms for a while, however it comes back when we are exposed to the same allergen.

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Mechanics of Allergy in Eczema

We inherit 40% our our genes from our parents, this can be allergies too. This explains infant and childhood allergies and intolerances, however we can become allergic to certain foods, chemicals and environmental factors through induced stress. This can happen anytime in life and it can be spontaneous.

Our Immune System can be re-trained to remove Cellular Memory Imbalances. This can be achieved through Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure and certain Chiropractic techniques. All of them are non-invasive and natural ways to eliminate the stressors.

Checking for the common foods we eat will reveal  IgG food intolerances in us


Dust, dust mites, cold/heat energy including pollen, grass and trees can be a trigger 


Stress  can trigger Eczema without external stimulants. Our emotions can affect us physically too.

Overcame severe Eczema after 7 years with NAET

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Christina Biju
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Our son has been having allergy issues since childhood and has been on constant use of steroid creams. We were lucky to have him visit NAET Dubai. He was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and allergies to few food groups. He has been cured from these and now he is very happy. Tom and Dr. Sarita have taken him through the sessions with lot of care and commitment. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to them. The ambience is great and the staff are excellent. They followup regularly with their patients. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to NAET. Thank you
Pavan Mulanni
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My daughter had heavy eczema a year and a half ago. We tried everything and finally ended up at NAET Dubai. Dr Sarita has been pivotal in helping our daughter cure her eczema. It's been an intense but amazing journey and if you or any of your loved ones have Eczema, I strongly suggest you visit this place.
geeta ramakrishnan
@ geeta
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I visited NEAT for my food intolerance issues and found the treatment effective with a good attention to details while offering a friendly atmosphere. NAET, being non invasive works well on children, as I understand. Wishing Dr.Sarita and Tom all the very best😀

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