Colloidal Silver – 10 Useful tips to protect your family

Colloidal Silver is a must-have in every medicine cabinet.

At least this is what I say when my children get frequent colds and flu during the ‘not so’ summer season in Dubai. Colloidal Silver is most definitely an essential item to have and use in every home. I could go on about how Colloidal Silver has benefited me and my family for years. However, here’s a testimony from one of our Dubai moms who vouch for its benefits.

Silver has been in use for several centuries in crockery and cutlery by the royalties. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used them and so did our parents and grandparents. In the recent past, we have forgotten Silver and its amazing health benefits.

Let me get straight to the point. “Silver Kills Bacteria” there you go – I said it. As a child, I watched my aunts and uncles bring silver strings as a gift for newborn babies. I too had it as a child and my dad would keep extending it as I grew, when I become a teenager, I found it stupid, as my friends would make fun of me in the swimming pool. So I got rid of it. ‘How silly’, I thought but little did I know of its value.

Foods stored in silver seldom spoil

We had several silver utensils in our kitchen and every once in a while my brother and I would clean and polish them and place it back, this was one of our chores growing up. When I asked my mother, why she would still keep those utensils while we had easy-to-clean porcelain, steel, and nonstick, she would simply smile and nod her head.

One day she explained the mystery behind the silver string that was wrapped around my waist as a child growing up. She explained: “When the silver string rubs against your waist, a tiny amount of silver would penetrate your body through the skin and kill all those nasty bugs that make you sick”. Although I heard her, I never understood the science behind it.

The science behind Colloidal Silver

Microscopic particles or nanoparticles of silver are separated by an electrical process using 99.999% pure silver rods in distilled water. This creates 5 parts per million of Colloidal Silver, this amount is so tiny, it is very difficult to see, even under a microscope.

Colloidal Silver

These silver ions can easily pass through our veins and capillaries, when it comes in contact with a bacteria or any pathogen, it suffocates the enzyme that the bad bacteria use to create oxygen. Even today hospitals use silver on burn patients, and they also use Colloidal Silver to clean surgical instruments. If it works for them, it works for me too.

How do we protect our family with Colloidal Silver?

Here are 10 uses of Colloidal Silver and tips to protect our family.

  • Cuts, wounds, and burns.

    Use Colloidal Silver on cuts, wounds, and burns. This prevents bacterial growth and promotes faster healing.naet dubai reviews

  • Mouth wash.

    It’s a great mouthwash and prevents bad breath (halitosis) by killing harmful bacteria. You should be using this instead of chewing gum. Most gum manufacturers stopped using natural rubber, as it’s expensive, they use rubber derived from petrol which is harmful.

  • Flu and infections.

    It’s an excellent remedy against fighting the flu and infections that our children get from schools. I just spray it into their mouth directly.

  • Itching.

    When people have Eczema and Psoriasis, it creates nasty cuts, which are very itchy. Colloidal Silver closes open wounds and prevents itching. Spray directly on open cuts, as it promotes quick healing.

  • Candida Overgrowth.

    Works like a charm on Candida Overgrowth, spray in the affected area. It clears within a couple of days.

  • Dental infections or toothache.

    Helps with Dental infections or toothache due to infection, this is an excellent way to kill pathogens without the use of any strong anti-biotics.

  • Toilet disinfectant and/or handwash.

    Use Colloidal Silver to disinfect your toilets and use it as a hand wash. You will be surprised to see how easily we can prevent common colds and flu in our kids.

  • Pet fungal infection.

    When my dog gets a fungal infection, I spray Colloidal Silver on the affected area, it cures it soon enough. It saves me a lot on the frequent Vet visits.

  • Fish Tank disinfectant.

    My fish tank stays clean for weeks with a less fishy odour. My fish too, live long as they don’t get any serious infections.

  • Garden/Plants.

    Lastly, my indoor plants stay super healthy with a few drops of Colloidal Silver. The roots don’t rot and the leaves don’t attract common parasites.

In Conclusion

A simple water-based solution with nanoparticles of silver to protect us from common infections. It’s an Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-viral defence, which is simple to use and devoid of any side effects. These home remedies are effective and powerful.

As you can see, it’s an all-rounder. A must-have in every medicine cabinet.

Note: This is not a substitute for medical treatment nor can it be taken as Medical Advice. Please consult your Physician. 

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