The key is in finding the root cause of symptoms and eliminate the underlying stressors. It works at the cellular level using bio-energy. More and more are discovering NAET and its benefits in natural healing. Its an amalgamation of healing techniques practiced centuries before the modern medicine with the state-of-the-art Bio-Physics, all packed in one. It is all natural!

Bio-resonance Dubai

best Autism treatment & skin allergies treatment. all natural with healing beyond medicine.


NAET works at the cellular level using bioenergy. More and more are discovering NAET and its benefits in natural healing. Its an amalgamation of healing techniques practiced centuries before the modern medicine with the state-of-the-art Quantum Physics, all packed in one. It is all natural


A natural way to eliminate food sensitivities addressing the brain-gut connection in autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. The best non-invasive treatment for children in Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Skin Allergy are triggered by food intolerances. By desensitising the body of the offending substance, one can overcome all kinds of allergies naturally and for good.


Live a pain-free and balanced life in NAET. Body mind and emotions – A whole new way of living a healthy life in a fast-paced city. Know the secrets of our healing body.

Autism treatment of brain

Understanding the Gut -Brain connection in Autism Spectrum Disorder and its neurological impact on your child’s behaviour. From the first signs of Autism to its meaning, symptoms, awareness and its causes. Act Now!


Autism is on the rise and is a great cause for concern in finding an effective and natural Autism treatment that works. Unlike ABA therapy, speech therapy, and occupation therapies, NAET addresses the core issue in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The mystery that solves the GUT-BRAIN connection in the ASD.


“Improving Communication Skills in Children With Allergy-related Autism Using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques: A Pilot Study” was recently published in Integrative Medicine — A Clinician’s Journal. Funded by The Teitelbaum Family Foundation and involving 60 autistic children, the study shows the efficacy of NAET as a treatment for autism.

Click on the video below to see how NAET helped children in the autism spectrum overcome and its effectiveness. You can also download the Full Study including its methods, outcome measures and its results.

Autism Treatment in Dubai
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An over-reactive Immune system will affect our weakest organ and can become a chronic condition. For example, lactose intolerances left untreated for a long time could manifest itself as Eczema, childhood Diabetes, or even Asthma over time.

When allergic, a person is unable to properly assimilate, process, and excrete a substance. Often the offending substance is a protein, in the form of a food, that the body cannot break down into its most usable components. Many symptoms of what we call an allergy are the body’s attempts to get rid of the offending substance. Allergies or food intolerances can be caused by cow’s milk (i.e., lactose intolerance), soy, eggs, chocolate, shellfish, citrus, fruits, and nuts (especially peanuts).


Skin Allergy Treatment


Food Allergies & Intolerances. Chemical Sensitivities. Possible symptoms include – Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes, Psoriasis, Hives, Urticaria, Dry Skin, Acne, and Hyperhidrosis.

Celiac Treatment in Dubai


Food Allergies & Intolerances – Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, constipation, Gluten intolerance, Lactose intolerance & food allergies.

Asthma Treatment Duba


Sensitivity to Environmental Factors, Chemical Sensitivities and Food Intolerances. Asthma, Hay Fever, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Allergic Cough, Allergic bronchitis.

Arthritis Treatment in Dubai


There is a whole lot of neurological impairment that happens that affects a child in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Aches and pains are associated with sensitivities.



Alfred Farid
Alfred Farid
13:33 06 Aug 18
The staff at Naet are awesome, very friendly and will to go the extra mile to help. I should have visited Tom earlier, would have definitely saved me a lot of money. I did it for the experience and found I have an issue which the team is working on to address.read more
Lyl Formoso
Lyl Formoso
14:11 29 Jul 18
So glad we chose to go with Naet over a dermatology clinic for the treatment of my daughter’s acne problem. And so far we have seen significant results in her condition as Naet was able to properly identify her allergens. Long way to go I know but loving the results! Highly recommend their services!read more
Usma Sheikh
Usma Sheikh
14:44 19 Jun 18
Naet by far is the best non medical treatment for allergies. My baby suffered with multiple allergies and as the treatment progressed he became allergy free, stronger and happier. The care here is phenomenal and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Dr Sarita and Tom are such wonderful people. They always listened and answered all our questions patiently. They took good care of us. Thank you.read more
Sunandha Karthik
Sunandha Karthik
15:15 03 Apr 18
Really happy with the experience at NAET. Both Sarita and Tom are really caring and the treatment they provided has helped completely heal the allergies both my children were having. Hats off to you guys!! I went in with much apprehension and came out overjoyed.read more
Mariyah Araf
Mariyah Araf
07:41 18 Feb 18
I would like to say that I am now a big believer of alternative therapy after attending NAET THERAPY. It has helped me greatly to over come my numerous allergies from food to cleaning chemicals. I have suffered from eczema for many years and I never thought I would see the day where it would end. Not only that I was feeling very drained. Constantly tired even when I have had enough sleep to the point I struggled in the morning to get out of bed. It was as if I have brain fog, I couldn't think clearly and was always forgetting what I'm saying mid conversation etc. After testing me we discovered why and treated the problem. If it wasn't for the amazing practitioners (Dr Tom & Dr Sarita) at the clinic I would still be in that same state. But thanks to them that is now in my past. NAET treats many health conditions such as migraines, infections and even helps with many symptoms of autism. I highly recommend it. 😊read more
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