What is PANDAS in Autism?

PANDAS - Hormonal Imbalance Cure Neurotransmitters

PANDAS is short for Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders. This is very common in children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. How do I know if my child has PANDAS? The symptoms almost overlap with that of Autism Spectrum Disorder, however, this can be a sudden onset after an infection. Symptoms of PANDAS Usually, the symptoms are […]

Autism Facts In The UAE – Autism 101

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As a father of an autistic child, I was petrified when I heard the ‘A’ word and soon I was frantically looking for ‘autism’ in Google. The true facts of Autism are alarming in Dubai and other Emirates.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? | Autism 101

Autism Treatment

The meaning of Autism Spectrum Disorder This is how I define Autism Spectrum Disorder: Something is not right with my child, his behavior is different from other kids of their age. They are slow in cognitive, learning, speech: a little over energetic or hyperactive. Most often you will suspect around 18 months and your gut […]

NAET Gate Points in Autism & Food Allergies

Naet Gate Points

Step by step guide for NAET Gate Points in Autism & Allergy Many of us are aware of the Gate Points, some of us many do them regularly too. In fact, how many of us actually understand the significance of each of these Gate Points, and why we specifically stimulate these points amongst many others. […]

How Can NAET Therapy Help My Hyperactive Child?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder NAET Dubai

She was no longer hyperactive and her skin became normal Melissa, who was seven-years-old, had developed being hyperactive and restlessness along with eczema nine months before her mother brought her to us for evaluation and treatment. Testing by NTT revealed that she was suffering from allergy to water. Her mother had installed a new water […]

NAET Can Help Speech Delay

A child learning to speak - NAET Dubai

My son is a different child after NAET sessions Although skeptical, when I first heard about NAET, I knew it was something I had to try for my son. Then, a little more than 2.5 years of age, my son had several issues. He was speech delayed, a sensory seeker and highly active. He seemed […]

Will Autism Therapy With NAET Help My Child?

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Autism Therapy with NAET might be the only way for your child to become healthy again!  After NAET treatment you may hear your child says for the first time: “Mommy, I love you”.  To some, this may sound an unrealistic, or even fake, promise. “Autism Treatment – NAET – Overview” was published by Mike Kastenbaum.  […]

Hyperactivity in ADHD – Early Intervention For A Better Future.

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A mother’s testimony Hyperactivity in ADHD I am a mother of 3 wonderful children aged 5 to 11. However, the past couple of weeks have been a bit concerning to me. The subject of concern, our youngest son’s behavior. He seems to be more hyperactive than usual, getting him to sit or stand still even for […]